Our tailored plan at AJ Solutions offers numerous benefits to your business. We align services precisely with your unique needs, optimizing your online presence on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart, increasing visibility and sales. Our expertise in inventory management streamlines operations, and strategic marketing enhances your brand’s reach and revenue. With multi-platform integration and data-driven insights, you gain a partner committed to your success, boosting efficiency, revenue, and overall business growth.

We’ve Built more than 80% of brands in the right direction According to the amazon algorithm

You are a brand owner interested in launching your products on Amazon.
New company
You are starting a new company and Amazon is part of your launch strategy.
Tried Amazon before
You have tried Amazon before and it didn’t work and you want to try with expert team.

AMZ Sponsored Campaign Setup

  • Baseline Campaigns Ready for Launch
  • Identification of Keyword Opportunities
  • Creative Ads designs
  • Goals & KPIs established

Brand Sponsored Setup

  • Brand Video ads
  • Brand collection Ads
  • Spotlight Ads Creation
  • Storefront detailed Ads Creation

Brand Growth Approach

  • Making First Big Marketing Push
  • Increasing Product Sales and Visibility
  • New Segments for Focus
  • Organic Ranking and Increasing of targeted keywords

Launch and Rank Strategy

  • Tack Keywords Performance
  • Keywords Indexing Strategy
  • Improve Advertising ROAS
  • Improve Overall TACoS
  • Improve Organic Sales

Quarterly Prediction POA

  • Event Planning
  • Inventory forecasting
  • PPC Investment Planning
  • Q1-4, complete strategy planning