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At AJ Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive e-commerce services tailored to your needs on major online platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. Whether you’re looking to enhance your presence on Amazon, optimize your Shopify store, or tap into the Walmart Marketplace, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team will help you navigate these platforms seamlessly, offering services such as listing optimization, inventory management, and strategic advertising. We also excel in multi-platform integration, ensuring a consistent brand image and efficient operations across multiple online marketplaces

Account management is the bridge that connects the customer’s needs with the company’s solutions

Alejandro Perez

You are a brand owner interested in launching your products on Amazon.
New company
You are starting a new company and Amazon is part of your launch strategy.
Tried Amazon before
You have tried Amazon before and it didn’t work and you want to try with expert team.

Account Setup

  • Create a Professional Seller Central Account
  • Assist in Registering your brand on Amazon
  • Complete guidance on Brand Registry, Category Approvals and Product Compliance
  • Understanding Market Size/Scope
  • SKU/Models Audit to Identify Growth Opportunities

Brand Building Strategy

  • A Brand Evolution
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Transparency and Trustworthiness
  • Quality Assurance and Innovation
  • Community and Sustainability Initiatives

Pre-Launch Requisite

  • Market Research and Product Selection
  • Product Sourcing and Quality Assurance
  • Inventory and Logistic Planning
  • Listing Creation and Optimization

Product Discovery /Development

  • Product Presentation
  • Product Uniqueness analysis
  • Branding of Storefront and A+ Content
  • Banding Layout of Images

Account & Market Audit

  • Post-launch & Re optimize the branding
  • Re-building Product Listing on Quarterly basis
  • Event planning According to market potential
  • Error & issues analysis Through Business report

Market Intelligence

  • Initial High-Level Strategy Creation
  • Understanding Market Size/Scope
  • SKU Audit to Identify Growth Opportunities
  • Data on Advertising By Competitors
  • Collection and Analysis of Revenue Data of Competitors on Amazon

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

  • Baseline Campaigns Ready for Launch
  • Identifying Keyword Opportunities
  • Creative designs for Ads
  • Goals & KPIs established